"Workforce Capital is the backbone of all Industry"

     MICROBIN is a service driven, Internet based, Workforce Capital Management Company headquartered in New York with additional offices within the United States and Europe. Our primary goal is to facilitate the needs of our client’s Workforce Capital Management globally, by eliminating the inefficiency of paperwork and reducing the time and expense in managing staffing. Our core belief is that Workforce Capital is the backbone of all successful enterprises. Therefore the optimization of a system that would help increase efficiency and minimize costs is the primary component upon which MICROBIN was built. By efficiently managing our client’s workforce capital needs we can effectively maximize their bottom line.

"MICROBIN is an internet driven product with a service driven approach."

     We believe that the service we provide is a key component to the efficiency of MICROBIN. Therefore quality assurance is a key component in providing our clients with exceptional service. Our global associates are trained and equipped to handle any situation, anywhere, at anytime in the world. So whether you have the need for direct, onsite management or resolving problems via our support desk, a specialist is available to assist you 24/7. MICROBIN will work with you to understand your company’s requirements and adapt our services to accommodate your needs. We can also optimize our program to sponsor your logos. The focus is always on the client’s need and that is our company’s core commitment.

"Experience results in solutions."

     The MICROBIN System was developed by Michael Robinson, President and Chief Executive Officer of New York Staffing Services to address a need in the industry for a more streamlined, user-friendly online Workforce Capital Management (WCM) system to expedite the procurement and Workforce Capital management procedure. Mr. Robinson, having over fifteen years of Human Resources Industry experience, realized that the suppliers/’vendors’ needs greatly differ from the needs of the client. To properly address these issues, he understood that this new Workforce Capital Management System he was developing, needed to be compact, customizable, user-friendly, highly efficient, with unlimited access. MICROBIN is the solution.