Microbin is a full-service boutique self-publishing company, servicing both electronic and hard-copy publication of books.

We are here to simplify the publishing process, so that your book will end up at its absolute best with no headaches.

Microbin provides the vehicle to publish in every format: hardcover, softcover, eBook, and audio book. You give feedback at every step along the way, and you have control over the end product.

We provide editing, provide interior and exterior design, assign you an ISBN, register your book with the Library of Congress, publish your book, and distribute your book via our partnership with Ingram.

Self-publishing is not a shortcut to success. A big book deal from a traditional publisher may never come. But if you know what you want from your book, and set your goals accordingly, Microbin will set you on the path to achieving them.

We take on the production and publishing burden, handling all the pre-publishing formalities. We are about personalized attention to the author. Control of content is yours, and we are on your side.

Our high standards and culture of creativity deliver and manage the technology to reap superior results. Microbin sprang from one author’s quest to have his voice heard, and his journey through the mine fields of the ever-evolving world of technology and self-publishing. You reap the benefits of his experience.

Our user-friendly system offers a collaboration of like-minded professional experts that look forward to celebrate helping you express your voice in the printed word.