A single typographical error can ruin a great story.

You’ve worked so hard on your book, and now it’s time to relax and let us keep that from happening.

MICROBIN offers three editorial services that can polish your completed manuscript. Or, you can purchase a package and save on multiple services.

All editorial services come with an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and a Library of Congress Control number, to make selling your book easier, as well as copyright protection, to protect your hard work.

Your editor is the last person to read your final draft and the first person to love your finished book. Is your book readable? Are your characters relatable? Are your facts approachable? We’ll make sure they are.

All editorial control is yours, so when you receive our edits, you get the final say in any corrections before we go to press.

A typo here, a misplaced line break there. Such small things really do make a huge difference. Our copy editors review your work line-by-line to be sure that what you said perfectly reflects what you meant to say, without any technical problems getting in the way.

Was that quirky grammar a stylistic choice? Don’t worry – your voice is the most important thing, and you can choose which of our corrections to accept.

You’ve finished the manuscript, and you’ve re-read it to make sure it’s just what you wanted to say. Now it’s time to work with an editorial Mentor, who will walk you through the process step-by-step. Your Mentor will read your book and discuss it with you, suggesting possible improvements and listening to your feedback. Together, you’ll add that last bit of polish your manuscripts needs to truly shine.

Editorial Package
Combine our Editorial and Copy-Editing services to ensure that both the broad strokes and the tiny details are just as they should be.

Deluxe Package
Worried about missing the forest for the trees? The Deluxe Package gives you the forest, the trees, and a ranger to guide you through them. You’ll receive the big-picture review of the Editorial service, the small-detail care of the Copy-Editing service, and the hands-on guidance of the Mentoring service, all for one great price.