Your manuscript is compelling, the cover grabs the eye, and you’ve edited the finished product to perfection. But until it’s published, how will anyone read it?

That’s where we come in. We’ll adapt your book to paperback, hardcover, electronic, and audio formats, with a variety of options to really make the finished project pop. Based on your design, we’ve put together a series of products that you and your readers will love.

And our print-on-demand system means that it’s ok to sell a hundred paperbacks and one hardcover, or a hundred ebooks and one paperback. You choose the options that are best for your work, and let the readers decide which they want to purchase.

Sturdy for the kitchen or classroom, professional for the bookshelf or coffee table, a hardcover book brings an element of long-lasting elegance to your book.

Glossy Cover
Your cover design will be printed directly onto your book’s hard cover, its glossy shine catching the eye in up to four colors. Information about the book and author can be printed on the back cover.
Dust Jacket
Your cover design will be printed onto a sturdy dust jacket in up to four colors. Underneath, the book’s will be covered in an elegant, coordinating single-colored shell embossed with your title and author information. Information about the book and author can be printed on the dust jacket flaps.

Light, flexible, and cost-effective, the paperback can be tossed in a purse or backpack or even tucked into a pocket.

Your paperback’s glossy cover will feature up to four colors. Information about the book can be printed on the back cover, with author information inside the back cover.

Private, versatile, and weighing no more than the device you use to read them, ebooks are the newest format of books, and one of the most popular.

Your ebook will be available in both color and black-and-white for a variety of systems, including iPad, Android, Kindle and Nook.

The visually impaired, the commuter, and the just plain busy enjoy the option of listening to books rather than reading them.

Your book will be available digitally; readers can download directly from our shop[hyperlink] or purchase a CD. CD covers reflect your book’s cover design.

Let your readers hear your words in your own voice. Opt to read your books for the audiobook audience.

Let a trained professional bring gravitas – or expert comedic timing – to the audio version of your book.