Editorial Design Production Distribution

Even the greatest works of all time needed a last bit of polish before they were ready to sell. So, when you have completed and submitted your manuscript, we will read and edit it for readability, then copy-edit with care for the technical details.

You'll then receive our feedback. No changes will be made unless they're approved by you, so your voice and your message will stay uniquely yours.

We will also obtain copyright protection, an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), and a Library of Congress Control number, so that your work will be properly identified and protected, and can be sold anywhere. A barcode will be assigned to your book for retail sale, as well.
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We all know we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but it happens anyway. When it does, don't you want that cover to be the best reflection of your message, and the hard work behind it?
We will design your book, handling such details as the layout, spacing, font style, page size, and graphics. We will create a cover design to reflect your message. Just give us your preferences and we'll take care of the rest.
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Print-on-demand production means never having to worry about storing or returning unused copies. Your book will never go out of print or run out of stock.No matter what number of copies you sell, that's exactly the number of professional-looking copies we'll produce.

Your book will be available in hardcover, softcover, or eBook editions, available for sale through major online booksellers.
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You don't need a warehouse in your basement to get your book out there. Whether the customer is a reader looking for a single copy or a bookseller ordering a large lot, we'll handle the orders and shipping.
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