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"Solution driven systems designed for maximum productivity."

   MICROBIN, the Workforce Capital Vendor Management (WCVM) system, is an advanced online system, with a service driven approach, adaptable and solutions-focused, to address your company’s Workforce Capital requirements. This global system has been developed with a full range of customizable features to generate a more dynamic staffing solution, substantially reducing departmental expenses, eliminating redundancy, and thereby freeing up your time for maximized productivity.

   Built on over five solid years of experience, MICROBIN was developed to effectively streamline the procurement process with on-site contingent workforce management, or as a fully integrated application. From identifying and securing vendors, to acquisitions, as well as tracking and managerial duties in relation to contingent workers, MICROBIN improves budgeting accuracy while lowering overall administrative costs.

Operating in a virtually paper-free environment, MICROBIN is equipped to deliver the following key services:

MICROBIN is a full “life-cycle” vendor management staffing solution developed to mobilize and manage your contingent workforce. We are the conduit for instantly linking you with your approved staffing vendors efficiently, and in real time. MICROBIN streamlines the key functions including procurement, enhanced time and expense tracking and simplified consolidated billing and expense management.
Based on your company’s needs, flexibility is built into all of our MICROBIN services to permit on-site or off-site management of your contingent workforce. We can assign a team of highly skilled consultants to work with you to identify and initiate more dynamic systems for managing your contingent workforce, in turn, streamlining your systems and processes. Potential configurations include:
On-site vendor-neutral management to facilitate the procurement of quality staffing for your company.
Partner with 3rd party MSP utilizing MICROBIN to facilitate your VMS processes.
Provide the MICROBIN system with full support 24/7 by means of our off-site Global Help Desk.
The RF (X) process is simplified through MICROBIN. By utilizing our system, you reduce the turnaround time on bids and RFP’s while at the same time keeping operational costs to a minimum. By implementation of the user-friendly MICROBIN templates, our system helps your company meet its corporate procurement needs with essential features designed for easier access and quicker responses to bid proposals and RFP responses.