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“MICROBIN is a powerful, yet simple, platform with unrivaled flexibility.”

   MICROBIN is the solution to automate and streamline all of the complex business procedures inherent in the management of contingent workforce capital. MICROBIN’s innovative system maximizes productivity, eliminates redundancy, and serves as a tool for vendors and clients to develop more productive relationships.

“Enhanced solutions designed to eliminate inefficiencies in your systems.”

Globally accessible, MICROBIN is always available to every person, at any place, and at any time. MICROBIN is custom-designed to address your company’s needs. Highlights include:

Access to a diverse, competitive supplier pool culled from a pre-qualified list.
Identifying and securing vendors to acquisitions.
Measuring and controlling the complete procurement process
Orienting new agencies to established requirements relating to on-boarding and off-boarding procedures.
Supplier management and maintenance of quality control standards among suppliers.
Drastically increased response to job requisitions
Expedited job Placement
Complete, accurate report generation
Acquisition and implementation of the most highly qualified candidates

   MICROBIN will replace inefficient and error-prone procedures driven by e-mail, phone calls, and paper, which in turn eliminates over billing, reduces overtime costs, and curtails unauthorized spending.