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"MICROBIN's service reach may be Worldwide, but our touch is personal."

MICROBIN On-Site Services

MICROBIN consolidates the multi-complex task of managing the contingent workforce into a Workforce Capital Management (WCM) system. This empowering system transforms your traditional, “business-as-usual” operation into a clutter-free, streamlined operation; virtually eliminating the paper trail and, in turn, restructuring your business into a finely tuned machine. After all, more paper work does not necessarily mean more productivity.

Human Capital Management is the new buzzword of the 21st Century work place. MICROBIN's comprehensive package of Workforce Capital Management Services is customized to address your specific staffing needs. Whether your sphere of influence is local or global, MICROBIN’s WCM team adapts our services to fit your company’s unique “footprint”.


Directly provide onsite vendor-neutral managed services to our clients along with a team of experts to facilitate the process. We are the liaison between you and your staffing vendors.
Partner with a 3rd party managed service provider of your choice powered by MICROBIN.
Provide the MICROBIN system with off-site support and global help desk services.

“On site. On Time. All the time. For you.”

After establishing your company’s specific needs, MICROBIN will assign a team of expertly trained specialists to work on-site with your company in facilitating your staffing needs. The MICROBIN team will be managing all of the technical, administrative, and human resources functions plus other time-consuming tasks relating to your contingent workforce, while acting as an impartial liaison between you and your suppliers.

Global Help Desk

In business, critical issues needing immediate attention can, and usually will, surface at anytime. MICROBIN understands that to properly address these issues, it requires an immediate, professional response. For this reason, we have established a Global Help Desk, staffed by a team of personable, knowledgeable, customer-driven professionals who will be there for you, providing comprehensive assistance twenty-four hours a day; seven days a week.