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“MICROBIN RF(X) templates maximize your results while minimizing your workload.”

    MICROBIN’s revolutionary RF(x) feature has been developed to solicit bids from prospective suppliers in one easy step. Responses to bids are easily accessible through MICROBIN using assigned usernames and secure passwords. This completely eliminates the resending of paperwork and reliance on unpredictable delivery systems thereby increasing the competitive bidding process in a fair market environment.

User-friendly templates to streamline the bid process

    MICROBIN has designed user-friendly RF(x) templates so they can be customized to your procurement needs and standardized to cover all the essential features needed to deliver quality bid documents resulting in greater vendor participation, more accurate RFP responses, and less margin for errors.

This symbiotic process has three primary parts:

RFI- Request For Information
RFP- Request For Proposal
Online Live Auction

“Real-time” Access

MICROBIN pares the paperless office down to the core so even the RF(x) process becomes user- friendly and cost effective. By utilizing MICROBIN to procure bids for services, you instantly have access to your targeted vendors in “real time”. This allows you to update RFP information, post blogs, and dispatch emails to all participating vendors, saving you time, money and reducing redundancy.