"Diversity Initiatives increase productivity"

   We, at MICROBIN, believe in diversity, as is evident in our corporate infrastructure. We want to partner with our clients to help make sure their diversity initiatives are met. By positively addressing internal diversity, you will increase your capacity to respond to the diversity in your customer base and your labor pool.

By providing expense reporting based on "Diversity Spend"
Solicitation of bids from a diverse pool of vendors across the board.
Logistically provide and facilitate your company's diversity policy.

Reap the benefits

   It is apparent that as the world economy globalizes, and the movement of people across cultural and international boundaries increases, corporate diversity internally, and in the marketplace, will become inevitable. Major companies have already realized this. A recent Stanford University study has shown that by creating diversity in the workplace, you stand to gain a number of benefits including, enhanced creativity and problem-solving abilities, improved business performance, and a more harmonious work environment which ultimately improves productivity and maximizes your bottom line.

Defining Diversity

   Achieving an effective diversity initiative means not only fostering diversity in age, race, language, education, sexual orientation, physical abilities/limitations, and nation of birth, but also harnessing these unique perspectives. Embracing varied perspectives has become an integral part of MICROBIN as well as today’s most successful companies’ business strategies, from daily decision-making, to strategic planning and career advancement.

The survey says…

   According to a recent survey of 121 Human Resource Professionals from Fortune 1000 companies, diversity initiatives were proven to have a “direct impact” on their companies’ bottom line as well as insuring their organization maintains "a competitive edge." The survey, which was released by the Society for Human Resource Management and Fortune Magazine, established that 79 percent of respondents felt their company’s diversity improved corporate culture, while 77 percent said it improves recruitment of new employees. A winning majority, 91 percent, of Human Resource professionals said the diversity initiatives help their corporations remain competitive, while 79 percent said that diversity increases employee morale.

   Navigating the complexities of workforce capital management along with developing supplier relations can be overwhelming, costly, and time consuming for hiring companies. Let MICROBIN streamline and optimize the process by providing you with a fully automated and multifaceted system onsite or offsite.

   Our web-based Workforce Capital Vendor Management (WCVM) tool will bring all of your suppliers and contingent workers under one user-friendly system. Providing you with:

Accurate periodic billing
Time and expense tracking
Customized reporting, exportable to Excel
Up to the minute email confirmation on relevant data
Submitted and approved contingent worker hours by line managers
Real-time job orders dispatched from client user to supplier user

   Our WCVM is easy to navigate with simplified dashboards and a 24 hour Global Help Desk available to our clients. Our online tutorial and daily blogs allows each user to interface with our technical staff in real time. As a result, problems are quickly resolved because someone is available to assist you at all times.

   In addition, let MICROBIN serve as your impartial Managed Service Provider (MSP) using our internal WCVM or another system of your choice. We will provide a team of highly skilled professionals to work onsite at your various installations, serving as a liaison between you and your staffing suppliers. By managing the procurement, on-boarding, off-boarding, and management of your workforce MICROBIN will provide a personal touch to a Global economy.